The Top 5 Australian Business Directories

A business directory is a website like Hotfrog which provides a listing of all businesses categories. The businesses can be classified according to type, size, activity or location. The details in business directories vary from one business to another. They may include name, addresses, telephone number, location, services, region and the number of employees. Complimentary and premium listing options are also possible with these directories. They have evolved from printed form to over the internet and now to a search faculty.

Local business directories are very useful in helping people to locate businesses in their region. For example, Aspen Air in Patterson Lakes. Normally the directory provide listing of businesses or individuals that are offering products in a particular area. This means customer can spend less than a minute to find the products and services he or she is looking for.

The listings offers extraordinary advantage to the business owners as well. In order to utilize an online directory fully, you need to leave every detail in there. The Links will be better. If anyone clicks on the link they will be automatically in touch with you and a dialog box will open to register them, what you only need is a dedicated profile page.

Your customer can lose you contact details therefore it is important to add it in the directory too. It’s significant to make sure that your business is not confined in a limited market. This means it is important to put it online in order to get more returns. Your business will can only grow if you make it more visible.

Business directories assist a lot in marketing your business. They can increase your targeted audience on your website. This will take your business to a new level. To achieve this you should make the business directory stronger and better from the others. The business names and other relevant details should be provided.

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Online Reviews – The Good, the bad and the ugly

Your business’s reputation is very important! Did you know that online reviews have a great impact on customers’ opinions? Statistics from recent opinion pools advocate that over 90% of the Internet users who read online reviews are influenced by these reviews. Why let a false or outdated review convince people not to buy your products?

We all know the importance of having a positive image. We want to see good things said about us by our friends and families and those we become acquainted with. In the business world it is no different really. Entrepreneurs love to hear good things been said about the quality of the product and services of their company. They want their business reputation to be held in high regard by everyone associated with their products and services, from wholesalers, to the retailers and consumers in the world around us. However, with the trends in the world of information technology, when information is available at the click of a mouse, to build and maintain a positive image is not always an easy task. If you find yourself in this kind of a situation, you will need a way out.

How to Deal With Negative Reviews Online

1. Acknowledge the Feedback; The first thing you should do is to acknowledge the feedback to let the customer know you have seen it and are working on how to fix the issue or provide more information.

2. Treat the Issue; It is natural for customers of your company to post a review about your business for good reasons. This could be a good or bad review. A customer may post a negative review about your business, perhaps, because he or she is really annoyed with your customer service, quality of your product or services, high fees or charge or and some other things. These reasons may or may not be justified. No matter the reason, try and treat the issue diligently. In business, customers are always right. Make an apology to the customer and ask him or her to remove the negative comment. Cautiously, ask what you can do to make the customer happy. Inquire on which area of your business he / she thought you need to improve on. What and what can you do to improve on your performance. Remember prompt reaction to negative remarks about your company is important as the review can turn viral with millions of people hearing about it. The longer you leave it, the more annoyed or angry your unhappy customer might get and turning it into an even bigger issue.

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How to Optimize Your Google AdWords Campaign

AdWords is a popular advertising service from Google that uses keywords and placements to attract searchers who would be interested in your ads. Google AdWords is a solution to get people to click on your ads and eventually purchase products from your website. The other goal of this service is to make people to perform action that will benefit you. This could be something like getting a quote from you or signing up for a service.

Creating a successful Google Adwords campaign is somewhat a complex task. It involves knowing and using techniques that can improve the quality and performance of your ads. Below are techniques you can use to optimize your Google AdWords to get your desired results.

Define your goals:

Know what you want to achieve with your ads before preparing them. It could be to get higher returns on your investment or more clicks. Create a detailed organizational structure to enhance the content and placement of your ads.

Use keywords with high commercial intent:

The keywords you choose should be related to what you want to advertise. Use keywords that people will use to search for products or services on Google Search Engine.

Choose a placement for your ads:

You should choose several placements for your ads. Search for relevant websites that target people that would be most likely interested in your ads. Use the Google Placement tool to find and choose websites for your ads. You can even separate your keyword and placements into different groups for organizing the ads you create.

Create clear and simple ads:

Your language should be easy to understand. Include product features that set you apart from your competitors online. Include special promotions on your ads if you have any. Write a call-to-action step that people would take after reading you ads.

Prepare relevant landing pages:

The landing page for all your ads should be relevant to the type of ads created. Every information or offer present in the landing page should be relevan

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Phone Call Tracking

The internet has provided many different ways through which data can be tracked. However, the action is possible when everything is happening online. When business is conducted on the phone or on other offline methods, the reliability of the data tracking suffers. Fortunately, there are different solutions to this problem and while some may be expensive and unreliable, most are highly dependable and affordable. Here are some of the available methods.

Unique Phone Numbers

This simply means that unique numbers are assigned to different keywords, campaigns, accounts and ad groups. When parameters and cookies are used, this becomes one of the most reliable and accurate call tracking methods available. There will be little data loss but there is need for a decision regarding additional business rules. 

Phone Extensions

This method is similar to the unique phone numbers only that in place of the unique numbers the method utilizes unique phone extensions. The same rules will therefore apply here including the additional business rules. The advantage of using this method is the fact that it can be highly cost effective and highly effective.

Code Identifiers

This method dictates the generation of codes that sit below phone numbers. This means that when someone calls the office, the person taking the calls should ask them to read the codes below the phone number they used to call. The cost of this method is a bit lower than the methods above but it will require some developer time. The challenge here is that there will be a need to train the person taking the call for accurate code recording 

There are other methods used in phone call tracking in different businesses and the most important thing is to choose the best method that will be highly effective, cost efficient and most importantly, reliable in tracking calls for better recording.

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